“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

Grant Writing

Inspire potential donors with expertly-crafted grant proposals. Writing for Good’s full-service grant writing manages the grant writing and submission process from start to finish.

Submit high-quality grant proposals with less staff time and effort.

Navigate smoothly through fundraising staff transitions.

Raise the dollars you need to grow your team or launch new initiatives.

Grant Systems

Successful grant funding isn’t only about writing a great grant proposal. Let Writing for Good create and manage your deadlines, new prospects, and funder follow-up.

Stop scrambling to meet last-minute deadlines.

Cultivate strong funder relationships and increase grant renewals.

Build a pipeline of new prospects for long-term sustainability.

Fundraising Coaching

Whether you’re just getting started with grant funding or already have in-house development staff, having a grant expert in your corner can save you time, money, and stress.

Hone your grant strategy with regular coaching calls.

Troubleshoot thorny grant funding situations with ease.

Increase your in-house fundraising capacity and skillsets.

Template Creation

Are you submitting grants but getting rejection after rejection? Let Writing for Good create a winning grant narrative template that you can easily adapt for new grant applications.

Save money by only paying for a single expert grant proposal.

Ensure all your grant submissions are based on a compelling narrative.

Kick-off fundraising for capital campaigns or major new projects.

Document Review

Have you already written a grant, but aren’t sure if it’s ready? Writing for Good brings an outside expert perspective to help you put your best foot forward for your most important grants.

Identify grant strengths and weaknesses – before it’s too late.

Make the proposals you write in-house as strong as possible.

Submit applications to new funders with greater confidence.

Prospect Research

Are you struggling to find funders for your organization? Have you submitted dozens of proposals with little success? Writing for Good’s prospect research delivers custom grant prospects to your inbox.

Receive 8-12 high-potential prospects specifically for your organization.

Start building a sustainable grant prospect pipeline.

Save money on expensive prospect research tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working With a Grant Consultant

Do you write your fee into the grant budget?

No, grant writing services cannot be written into a grant proposal and must be paid whether or not an application is successful. In fact, it’s a violation of the code of ethics for a fundraiser or grant writer to work on commission according to any major professional fundraising association, including the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), as well as against Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for nonprofit fundraising and accounting.

Do you complete reporting associated with a grant award?

Once a grant is awarded, all reporting will need to be managed and completed by your organization. Since I’m not in your day-to-day operations and am not engaged in your programs on a regular basis, it’s nearly impossible for me to complete a grant report. But I’m happy to coach you on how to successfully manage grant reporting.

Do you have a guarantee that any grants submitted will be awarded?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a grant submitted will be awarded. Although Writing for Good has a very high success rate (85%), there are many factors that a foundation’s program officer must take into consideration in determining whether or not to make a grant award. This includes factors far outside a grant writer’s control, such as the number of applicants, the foundation’s budget, and the financial health and viability of the organization submitting the proposal, among other things.

How will you interact with us?

In nearly all cases, I ask that you choose a single point of contact within your organization who will partner with Writing for Good. That person should have access to all internal financial, program, and other organizational documents. They should also be able to schedule meetings and coordinate proper sign-off on all final proposal materials. Having a dedicated point of contact saves your organization time and money, ensuring a positive and streamlined grant process.

Do we get to review drafts?

Yes, absolutely! Reviewing grant narratives and providing feedback is a key part of the grant writing process. My goal is to capture your organization’s voice and vision in a way that speaks to potential funders. Your input is essential to that process and all types of feedback are always welcome and appreciated.

What do you charge?

Please contact me for pricing.

What size nonprofit do you work with?

While I have worked with nonprofits of every size, I find that I can make the biggest difference with small to mid-sized organizations. Most of my clients’ annual operating budgets range from $300,000 up to $2 million. Some of my clients have in-house fundraising staff, but many do not. Regardless, my goal is to help you optimize your staff resources and your fundraising capacity to secure more grant funding.

“Derek gets to know each organization at a deep level by investing time and energy in learning how their programs work and who they serve. He writes grants that highlight an organization’s strengths in a way that inspires funders.”

Lani Curtis

Development Director, Oceanside Museam of Art

Advancing Your Mission Through Grants and More

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